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Road rules in Croatia cares about our customers to safely reached their destination and without any complications to return to their homes. Therefore, here are the most important traffic regulations in Croatia.

Each driver travelling on the Croatian roads is required to have a driver's license (Croats honours all driving license), proof of vehicle registration with a valid technical examination and liability insurance. A green card is not required, only when you travel to Dubrovnik when crossing the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina a green card is required.

Basic duties, prohibitions and orders:

- Valid warrant driving with dipped headlights during the winter and in bad visibility (we recommend using a beam all year). For motorcycles and scooters to use dipped headlights it is obligatory throughout the year.
- For young drivers aged 16 to 24 years and professional drivers spaces non-driving after consuming alcohol (0.0 per mile). In contrast to other drivers 0.5 per mile. Attention !!! The accident under the influence of alcohol (even trace amounts in the body) it is considered an offence under the influence of alcohol and is punished particularly severely.
- There is no tolerance for conversation on a cell phone whilst driving exceptions are only for hands-free calling.
- For road users using the two-wheelers (scooters, etc.) There is an obligation to have a helmet.
- In the Croatian law there are severe penalties against drivers parked in prohibited areas.
- There is an obligation to wear safety belts for all who are in the vehicle.
- There's a ban for children up to 12 years old to be situated in the front seats, children under the age of 5 to 12 years old must travel in the rear seats with seat belts fastened.
- It is mandatory to also have a warning triangle (for vehicles with a trailer two triangles), first aid kits and reflective vests for driver and passengers.

Speed limits on roads in Croatia: 

- Motorways to 130 km / h 

- Highways to 110 km / h

- Other roads to 90 km / h

- In built-up areas to 50 km / h

- Vehicles towing another vehicle up to 40 km / h


Let us remember that the roads in Croatia differ significantly from the roads in the rest of European countries. Very narrow, mountainous route with many sharp bends do not allow you to develop very high speed.

Emergency number (roadside assistance), the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK): +385 1987. Connections with mobile phones 38511987 or 38514640800.

In Croatia also operates the European emergency number - 112

European citizens can stay in Croatia without visas up to 90 days per semester. On the borders checks still take place because Croatia is not a member of the Schengen Zone. The boundaries can be crossed on the basis of a passport or identity card (adults and children). The validity of these documents cannot be shorter than 90 days. Our partners in Croatia are obliged within 24 hours to report the stay of our client's competent authorities.

We suggest buying accident insurance and the expansion of a clause for covering the costs of medical transportation to the country of residence. We also recommend having a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Above the information presented for informational purposes only. Given that the law in Croatia continues to change, is not to be held responsible for the consequences of use of the information contained.

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