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The cost of our services is payable in euros. In the majority of offers price stated is a price for one night for the chosen accommodation. Also, in our offer there are deals where prices are calculated per person per day. For more information, please check the price list, which is found in the description of each accommodation.




How to make a reservation?

In order to find interesting offers corresponding to your search criteria, select one of two search methods listed below.

Method one: on the main page, please indicate in the search engine any requirements (region, city, date of arrival, departure date, number of people, etc.). Then click on tab "search".

Method two: click on the "complete offer" tab, which is located in the main menu.

After selecting one of the above methods you will receive the search result. At this point, you can review the offer and select the one that best meets your needs.


When you find an offer that suits your needs best before booking it is required to calculate the cost of the rental using the calculator, which is located in the description of each accommodation. After calculating the total cost of the service, click on tab "book now" (to the right of ‘calculate the price’ header). At this point the reservation form will appear in which you must complete all of the required fields and enter your questions and comments (if any). Send the completed form by clicking on tab "send".

Our staff will contact you with our booking e-mail in the reservation form within 24 hours (on working days) to confirm the reservation. If in the indicated time you have not received any messages from us (not counting automatic confirmation of booking) please contact us, but earlier please check your e-mail’s spam box.

Attention! Please fill in all required fields booking form.

Tourist tax

According to the law on sojourn tax of the Republic of Croatia, the Customer is obligated to pay the sojourn tax along with his/her accommodation payment. According to the Law on sojourn tax of the Republic of Croatia, the sojourn tax is from 1€ to 2€ per person per day for adults. Adolescents from the age of 12 to 18 (but not after they have turned 18) are entitled to a 50% discount, while children under the age of 12 are exempted from paying the sojourn tax. The total amount of the sojourn tax for a specific reservation is determined by the destination in the Republic of Croatia as well as the accommodation rental period.

Reservations and payments

Accommodation reservations can be made on-line or via e-mail. To book accommodation an advance payment is required (depending on the selected method of paying). Non-refundable deposit is payable (within 48 hours (or 2 working days)) by bank transfer in Pound Sterling, polish Zloty or Euro to The rest must be paid in euros, to the owner of the accommodation when you arrive (if not stated otherwise).

There are three methods of payment for reservations:

1. 30% of the rental service after the approval of your reservation.

  70% of the rental service payable in cash to the owner upon arrival to accommodation.

2. 50% of the rental service after the approval of your reservation.

  50% of the rental service payable in cash to the owner upon arrival to accommodation.

3. 100% of the rental service depending on the offer.

Our company prefers the first method of payment stated above. In a few cases, the initial payment (deposit/advance payment) may be higher than 30%.

Reservation confirmation:

After transferring the deposit payment to our account (or full payment) we will send you confirmation of your reservation together with a document confirming it (voucher) containing the following information:

- Name, surname, address and telephone number of the service provider
- The number of people / names of guests using the service
- Description of paid service, the date of service
- Additional services (if any)
- Notes on local tax
- The amount of the payment made
- The amount remaining to be paid
- Other information’s

We do not issue VAT invoices. The customer receives a bill or rental document form the owner of the accommodation (after full payment).

Transport to Croatia (vignettes)

The cost of renting is presented on our website offerings (this applies to all accommodations) does not include transport and insurance costs. The customer must himself on their own reach their destination in which they made their reservation and if they want to can on their own purchase additional insurance (health insurance and insurance against accidents).

In countries that you will pass through to arrive in Croatia a valid vignette is required. They are available to buy at each border and petrol stations near the borders. We must remember that for lack of a valid vignette threatens a charge. Vignette are required to have before entering a paid section of roads

Vignettes in the Czech Republic, for vehicles up to 3.5 tons:

- 10-day vignette (mark D) costs 310 CZK

- Monthly vignette (designation M) costs 440 CZK

- Annual vignette (marked R) costs 1500  CZK

CZK = Czech koruna

Vignettes in Austria, for vehicles up to 3.5 tons:

- 10-day vignette costs 9.90 €

- 2-month vignette costs 29 €

- An annual vignette costs 96.40 €

Vignettes in Slovenia, for vehicles up to 3.5 tons (class 2A) :

- Weekly vignette costs 15.00 €

- Monthly vignette costs 30.00 €

- An annual vignette costs 110.00 €

Hungary Vignettes, for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes carrying up to 7 people (including the driver):

 - 7-day vignette costs 5500 HUF

- 30-day vignette costs 8900 HUF

- An annual vignette costs 49190 HUF

HUF = Hungarian forint

Slovakia Vignettes, for vehicles up to 3.5 tons:

- 10-day vignette costs 12.00 €

- 30-day vignette costs 17.00 €

- An annual vignette costs 60.00 €

When you enter Croatia vignettes are not needed, but there is a motorway charge. 

Map of highways in Croatia:


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