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Allgemeine geschäftsbedingungen

General terms:
Presented here are the general terms and conditions for the use of services are an integral part of the services agreement concluded between the Client and Adriatyka.pl. All data and information in these General Terms and Conditions must be obeyed by Adriatyka.pl and the customer unless otherwise specified.

Tourist offer:

Adriatyka.pl guarantees to provide a service according to the information published and valid on the day of booking confirmation and compatible with a description and date of that confirmed reservation except in cases arising due to force majeure (eg death or illness of the service provider or his immediate family) unexpected events that are not predicted or eliminated (eg earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, wars, strikes, terrorist attacks), the restrictions from the state (mobilization, ban on leaving the country).

Reservation and payments:

Accommodation reservations can be made on-line or via e-mail. To book accommodation an advance payment is required (depending on the selected method of paying). Non-refundable deposit is payable by bank transfer in Pound Sterling, polish Zloty or Euro to Adriatyka.pl. The rest must be paid in euros, to the owner of the accommodation when you arrive (if not stated otherwise).

There are three methods of payment for reservations:

1. 30% of the rental service after the approval of your reservation.

 70% of the rental service payable in cash to the owner upon arrival to accommodation.

2. 50% of the rental service after the approval of your reservation.

  50% of the rental service payable in cash to the owner upon arrival to accommodation.

3. 100% of the rental service depending on the offer.

Our company prefers the first method of payment stated above. In a few cases, the initial payment (deposit/advance payment) may be higher than 25%.

Reservation confirmation:

After transferring the deposit payment to our account (or full payment) we will send you confirmation of your reservation together with a document confirming it (voucher) containing the following information:

- Name, surname, address and telephone number of the service provider
- The number of people / names of guests using the service
- Description of paid service, the date of service
- Additional services (if any)
- Notes on local tax
- The amount of the payment made
- The amount remaining to be paid
- Other information’s

We do not issue VAT invoices. The customer receives a bill or rental document form the owner of the accommodation (after full payment).

Prices of services:

Price of the service includes the main basic service which is described in the price list with also accommodation rental stated in the reservation. Additional services are those services that are not included in the price of the accommodation(in the description of accommodation described as' negotiable ''), so the customer pays for them with the amount of booking  stated on our site or when they arrive at their accommodation this is depending on how it is indicated in our offer. Additional services must be reported or ordered during the reservation.

Services are priced in Euro. Adriatyka.pl reserves the right to change the published prices. Customers, who have paid a deposit for a specific reservation, Adriatyka.pl guarantees the accommodation rate specified in the settlement on the basis of which the customers have paid in advance. If the changes occur prior to the deposit being paid, Adriatyka.pl is obligated to inform about the change.

Prices listed in our offers are based on contracts with our partners and do not necessarily match the rates published on the whereabouts of the accommodation that they will be staying at. Any difference in price found elsewhere cannot be claimed.

If to the reserved space more people arrive than the number indicated on the documents reservation, the service provider has the right to refuse service to the undeclared persons or to accommodate all visitors with a surcharge for undeclared person that must be paid on the spot. In this case, Adriatyka will not accept the customer’s claim/complaints for the reserved accommodation.

Tourist tax:

Tourist tax (residence tax) defined by the Law on sojourn tax of the Republic of Croatia amounts to 7.00 Kuna for adults a day. For young people aged from 12 to 18 years there’s a 50% discount provided from that amount, while children under the age of 12 do not pay tax. The amount of tax depends on location in Croatia and date of stay.

Tourist tax to be paid to the accommodation host upon arrival to accommodation if it is not included in the price.

Customer Responsibilities:

The customer is obliged to:

- Having valid travel documents

-Being aware of currency or exchange regulations and customs of the country they are coming to

- Taking care when living at the home or the accommodation which you have rented and having positive relations with the service providers

- Clients must pay the rest of the rental payment (in the amount as stated on the voucher) on arrival at the accommodation

- If the client intends to take a pet with them, they are obliged to inform about this when booking, even if the object description pets are allowed

- If the client plans to arrive with more people than it is stated to be allowed in the accommodation, they are obliged to take into account the extra people when booking (even if they are children). Being allowed to accommodate more people than stated on our website depends solely on the goodwill of the host and there may also be an additional charge for these extra persons.  There is no principle that small children can stay at the accommodation for free and without prior notice to use the accommodation.

In situations of non-compliance with the responsibilities the customer must bear the costs and be responsible on their own for the losses. By confirming a reservation the clients agree to the term of if they cause any damage to the accommodation they will be obligated to pay for the damages.

Client’s right to changes and cancellation of services:

When a customer wants to change or cancel a reservation for their own reason it must be done by writing (e-mail). Change or cancellation of booking by phone is not possible.

Changes consist of:  a change in the number of people or the names of people using the accommodation services or the date of commencement or termination of service at least 7 days before the beginning of the service. The first reservation change (if possible without extra cost) will be carried out free of charge. For each additional change there will be a charge of EUR 20. If a reservation change is not possible and if the customer therefore dispenses a confirmed booking it will result in resignation of our service.

If you give up eventually with a confirmed reservation, after choosing the method of payment for the accommodation without arriving to your destination and paying the rest of the payment to the host, Adriatyka.pl keeps the full amount of your deposit.

If the customer has to cancel the reservation later than 3 days prior to the beginning of the service, Adriatyka.pl gives their clients the opportunity to find a new client for the same reservation (if possible). In such a situation Adriatyka.pl will charge only the actual costs caused by the conversion of the customer. New user for that reservation will have to obey all the obligations of these General Terms and Conditions.

If the customer has to cancel the reservation later than 14 days before the beginning of the service, you can transfer your booking to another date in the same year, but only within the same accommodation. Adriatyka.pl also provides the ability to transfer a confirmed booking for the next year (only in the same accommodation).

If you do not arrive to the accommodation by midnight on the day of commencement of the service and not contacted Adriatyka.pl or service provider, the reservation is considered cancelled.

Adriatyka.pl does not reimburse costs incurred by the purchase of travel permits, fuel costs, costs of purchased vignettes or visas relating to the reservation of the client.

Adriatyka.pl rights to changes and cancellations:

Adriatyka.pl reserves the right to change the reservation in the event of extraordinary circumstances which could not have been foreseen, avoided or prevented. A reserved accommodation can be replaced only with prior notification to the client and only for accommodation of the same or higher category at the price at which the customer confirmed the reservation for.

In the event of replacement accommodation being impossible, Adriatyka.pl reserves the right to cancel the reservation with prior notification at least 7 days before the beginning of the service and guarantees the return of the entire amount paid. Client in the case of cancellation by Adriatyka.pl does not have the right to demand compensation for the damage, Adriatyka.pl is only obliged to refund the amount paid to the account of Adriatyka.pl. If it is impossible adequate replacement on the day of commencement of the service, Adriatyka.pl will try to inform the customer about the possibility of accommodation which is not stated in the offer of Adriatyka.pl and provide the customer with the entire advance payment being returned to them.

Accepting reclamation:

The customer is obliged immediately inform Adriatyka.pl by email or telephone (only during working hours) on the arrival at the accommodation if there are any problems or changes which were failed to be made aware of by us.  The customer is obligated to cooperate with the service provider and Adriatyka.pl in good faith to eliminate the reasons for complaint. If the customer on the spot is not be happy with the existing conditions of their accommodation and leaves the premises on their own initiative and results in finding another accommodation and does not give a chance to the service provider (property owner) or Adriatyka.pl to fix the problem or find the client an adequate alternative accommodation, such a clientcannot request a refund of the amount paid regardless of whether the reasons were justified or not. If you accept the proposed on-site solution to the complaint, Adriatyka.pl not obliged to accept the reclamation.

If even after the intervention on the spot the problem is not solved, no later than 7 days after returning from the clients vacation the client is obliged to send a written complaint along with accompanying documents and photographs that prove the merits of the complaint (e-mail). Adriatyka.pl will consider only fully documented complaints which are received within 7 days of the ended reservation. Adriatyka.pl considers only those complaints that reasons for could not be eliminated on the spot.

During the examination of the application, which takes a maximum of 21 working days, customer binding disclaims any third party mediation, arbitration tourist organization or other institutions, as well as providing information to the media. The client will also waive the right to file with the court. The highest amount of compensation per complaint can amount to the complaint portion of the service and cannot encompass the service that has already been used by the client. This excludes the Client's right to compensation in the form of so-called ‘ideal damage’.

Adriatyka.pl will not be held responsible for climate conditions, cleanliness and temperature of the water in places of residence and other similar situations and events that may cause dissatisfaction (eg. Bad weather, ill-prepared beaches, mess or disorder outside the rented accommodation, too big piston, theft, personal injury, damage to car, property damage, etc.).

The distances stated on our website are approximate. They are based on the information received from the owner of the facility and our perceptions. Any minor differencescannot be claimed.

Personal data protection:

The client voluntarily provides their personal data. Customer's personal data are needed to perform the service requested. They will also be used for further mutual communications. Adriatyka.pl undertakes that it will not transfer personal data to third parties. Customer's personal data will be stored in a database in accordance with the requirements of the Act on the manner of collecting, processing and storage of personal data. The customer agrees to the use of personal data for the purposes of marketing for Adriatyka.pl.


Customer by confirming the reservation and making the advance payment or the full amount, is agreeing to all the conditions listed above as well as confirmed acquainted with the description of the selected accommodation.

These General Terms and Conditions of travel exclude all current terms and conditions of travel.


Any disputes both for Client and Adriatyka.pl arising from this agreement will be resolved amicably. If this proves impossible, the parties shall abide by the decisions of the court in London under meaningful English law.


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